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The Importance of Replacing Towels Routinely

The Importance of Replacing Towels Routinely
The rainy season makes us often dangling in hanging clothes and towels. If the sun is not hot enough, could-clothesline and musty clothes. Well, often towels become 'victims' in the rainy season. Especially you who live in boarding and may not have enough time to dry the towel for fear of rain.

It's good to replace the towels a week 1-2 times. This is to minimize the accumulation of bacteria from the towel remember our own body already contains germs and bacteria. By replacing the towel 2 times a week, helps prevent the growth of germs in the towel that can interact directly to the surface of our skin.

Do not get used to dry in the room because it can reduce the quality of air in the room. Air humidity can rise about 30% and become a palace for the development of mites and fungi. The air is too moist can also cause some problems in your respiratory organs such as shortness of breath, cough and breath that sounds.

If you are often out of the house or boarding house and do not have enough dry and safe ground when it rains, trick changing towels 2 times a week allows you to get a towel that is drier and healthier because there is a more frequent turnover circulation. You can also avoid skin diseases such as itching and fungus is not it?

Well from now on, get used to change the towel regularly to make our life healthier. Starting from the simple things, you will get a tremendous impact,