Towels are one of the most common home appliances in the world, towels are a thick, water-absorbable fabric used to dry the skin after bathing, swimming, or sweating. If we are not good enough to treat it then the towel will smell, moldy, and become a source of skin diseases, so to avoid all of it careful tips follow these tips:

1. Dry the towel transversely in a flat area such as on the clothesline or aluminum clothes outside the bathroom (preferably exposed to the sun) after you use it, it is useful that the newly used towels will easily dry.

2. Try not to hang the towel too long in the bathroom because it will make the towel becomes damp, smelly and moldy that may be the cause of skin diseases.

3. Dry your towel in direct sunlight every day to keep your towel dry and free from fungus and skin diseases.


4. Wash towels at least once a week, wash the same way to wash clothes in general that is soaked first use water mixed with laundry soap / detergent then washed use the washing machine or cleaned using a soft brush carefully until clean and rinsed and given fragrances for then dried in the sun, for the stains are difficult to clean try to re-soaked with water mixed with kitchen vinegar water.

5. After the towel washed clean jemurlah until dry and then folded for further stored dilemari, towels that have been dried in the sun do not be ironed because it will make the towel fiber to be thin.

6. Towels that we wear after a while will be dull, to prevent dull then before the towel is used (new towels) towels should be washed by way of:

boil water enough and then enter the clothes deodorizer,

after boiling pour water into a bucket that already contains a towel to be washed,

add with detergent, try water can soak the towel as a whole,

let stand for an hour after that brush the towel and wash as usual result towel towel remain bright colored even though have been used repeatedly.