Cleanliness of Towels

Terry Palmer Invites People to Wash Towels Three Days Once

Terry Palmer Invites People to Wash Towels Three Days Once

Clean lifestyle by always keeping the body clean through the towel used is very important. Especially entering the rainy season as it is today. With the humid air conditions will cause various types of bacteria can develop quickly, especially bacteria in the towel that we use everyday.

Towels have become the main needs of everyday people including for Indonesian families. serves as a tool to dry the skin also serves as a keeper of skin hygiene and body health. However, behind the function of the towel is often a favorite place for the development of various types of bacteria that can cause disease in our bodies. So that the towel used should be able to prevent the development of bacteria that can cause disease.

Data from the Ministry of Health RI 2012 states that the third position of disease that is often infected by the people of Indonesia is a skin disease such as scabies. This condition is the background of Terry Palmer as a famous towel manufacturer took the initiative to participate in maintaining public health through the campaign "Let's Wash Towels 3 Days 1 Times".
Wilson Pesik as Vice President Terry Palmer said the campaign to wash towels every 3 days is part of the education to the public is to invite the Indonesian family to wash the towels 3 Days Once, because the towel used can be a breeding ground bacteria or germs and fungi cause skin and causing unpleasant odor. The germs on the towel can develop many times over every minute and the developing germ makes skin skin diseases such as scabies (buduk) caused by infestation and sensitization of sarcoptes scabei mite varieties.

"Through this campaign, it is hoped to be able to change the society's habit pattern in the use of good towel, supported by presenting Terry Palmer towel products that support with anti-bacterial element that can prevent bacterial growth in the towel and does not cause odor so healthy life culture will soon be realized amidst Indonesian society and family environment, "Wilson said in a publication in Jakarta, Wednesday (27/11).
To maximize this campaye, Terry Palmer involves a variety of means of communication, ranging from print media, online, Radio and Television. Having previously been a major sponsor of the Miss World 2013 Miss World Beauty Contest in Bali as one of the efforts to strengthen Terry Palmer's brand positioning in the international market, this time Terry Palmer refocused on the campaign that was launched 5 months ago.